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At Northwoods Alpacas, our goal is to produce some of the very best breeding stock of Huacaya alpacas in North America. We are breeding for ‘World Class Alpacas’ that have outstanding conformation, easy to handle temperaments and high quality elite fleece that will be used to produce luxurious clothing and fine textile products!

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Services & Farm Commitment


  • World Class Stud Service with discounts for multiple breedings! All breedings come with a 30 day ‘Live Birth’ guarantee.  For females that remain on our farm for breeding purposes, we will provide free board for her and her cria for up to 45 days, and confirm pregnancy with a progesterone or ultrasound test at our discretion.
  • Live Birth Guarantee defined: We guarantee that a live cria will be born to Owner’s dam as a result of this stud service. This guarantee will be satisfied if the cria survives 30 days after birth. In the event that the cria does not survive 30 days, a free rebreeding will be provided.
  • Free 2 months agistment (boarding) for all breeding quality alpacas (Value over $5000 each)  purchased from us! Longer term agistment available at reasonable prices ($5 per day), includes routine maintenance care & computerized tracking of medical,  reproduction, fiber & history while here. Veterinary services will be billed directly to purchaser.
  • Financing of purchased alpacas is available with 25% down for possession with 0% interest for 1 full year! (Value over $10000)  This ‘On Farm’ financing makes the purchase and investing in alpacas very affordable and appealing, allowing you to leverage your dollars for initial purchases or building up your herd without emptying your bank account!

To Buyers Of Alpacas, We Commit To:

  • Provide full disclosure of the animal’s known physical condition, fiber, health care, vaccinations, and breeding history. The husbandry records in written format will be provided to the buyer.
  • Assure animals offered for sale are behaviorally sound.
  • All animal sales agreements and guarantees will be in writing and signed by both seller and buyer.
  • Provide the buyer with a copy of the registration certificate containing the pedigree record of each purchased alpaca and comply in a timely manner with current procedures for transferring ownership.
  • At the time designated for delivery of the alpaca(s) to the buyer, the alpaca(s) will be current for vaccinations, worming, toenail and teeth trimming consistent with the husbandry practices of the selling breeder.
  • Provide information, training and advice about alpaca care, diet, pasturage, shelter and other necessary information to the buyer.

In Summary of our Farm Services and Commitments, we desire to provide our customer with excellent service and added values that deliver ‘seeds of alpaca breeding success'!

Belinda Grant

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