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Northwoods Alpacas is a family owned and operated alpaca farm located in Western New York, in the town of Bergen, approximately 25 minutes from downtown Rochester.

grant-family.jpgBob & Belinda Grant, along with their seven children, make their home in a historic 1827 farm house situated on a ‘dream come true’ 12 acre country parcel.

Bob and Belinda grew up in the city and suburbs of Rochester, New York with no farming background. They began raising their family in the suburbs and quickly outgrew their starter home.  In 1998 the dream of country living came true with the purchase of ‘Northwoods’-  a big country home with loads of history and character along with some established fruit trees and woods, plenty of room for a big garden, wide open space for the kids to grow and play, a large stocked pond, and much more.

28430.jpgWe loved being in the country and out in nature. We also had a desire to raise our children in a wholesome environment teaching them to be responsible and productive from a young age. We thought that raising a few animals would help us with those goals. On our bit of land we decided to try some ‘farm’ animals for fun. Hobby farming just kind of evolved for us starting with a few miniature goats and over the years trying our hand at everything from bee keeping to maple sugaring! We raised bunnies for sale, as well as chickens for eggs and meat, turkeys, a solitary goose and a miniature horse named ‘Shadow’. As a family we spent several years ‘hobby farming’ before we ventured into the wonderful world of alpacas! Once we discovered them, we did a lot of research on their history, use, current market value as well as future potential, etc. We visited several farms that raised alpacas (the animals themselves were so unique and appealing from the first time we saw one!), attended an alpaca show or two, and a seminar on raising them. Of all livestock you can own, the alpaca is one of the easiest and most inexpensive to maintain and  there is a growing demand for alpaca fiber in textile and fashion centers throughout the world and a drastically limited supply of these animals outside of their native South American homelands.  Adding up all these factors  - We became convinced that these wonderful alpacas are indeed ‘The Worlds Finest Livestock Investment’.

tractor.jpgThe goal of our breeding program is to produce alpaca with the highest quality fleece with excellent conformation. In addition to fleece qualities our alpacas are chosen for breeding based on their disposition and temperament.  Our efforts have been rewarded  in our progeny.

Northwoods Alpacas would be happy to help you discover more about the wonderful ‘World of Alpacas’ and share both resources and personal experience. Contact us for more information or to schedule a farm visit.

Bob & Belinda Grant
Email:Info@northwoodsalpacas.com or 585-494-1371.

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